Michael Alpert - our friend and teacher a good lekhaim makes a good start At the first class Night session with dancing Jamming with Alla Danzig another moment of jamming all-over jamming
Mitya Khramtsov, violinist of the Dobranotch band with the guys of the Dobranotch band good mood :-) singing hassidic nigunim Michael Alpert teaching
Arkady Gendler, a singer and poet of Zaporizzhia, Ukraine before a concert in the Platforma club: each holds his instrument :-) Arkady Gendler opening the night at the club Psoy and Michael Alpert singing Az Nisht Keyn Emine Mitya Khramtsov and Michael Alpert Dmitri Slepovitch playing Belarusian Jewish music
Performing Belarusian Jewish pieces with Mitya, Ilya and Michael Mikhail Kheyfetz, the photographer Evgeniy Khazdan, musical director of the workshop Stas Rayko and Mark Kovnatskiy, klezmer violinsts of Hamburg, and Genadiy Fomin of Kharkov Stas Rayko Gennadiy Fomin of Kharkov Michael Alpert singing Ka'' Kotsk Furt Men Nisht
Timur Fishel of Tallinn and Michael Alpert singing together Timur Fishel singing She Lo Osani Goy Timur Fishel and Stas Rayko Final scene: Yerusholayim - Slavnyi Gorod Dveykus Dveykus - 2
A well-recognizable silhouette Tants, tants yidelekh! Michael Alpert dancing klezmer dancing Beware! You are being filmed Detect the similarity :-)
Psoy''s lecture - recital Psoy Korolenko Cymbalom accessories Valeriy Dymshits, ethnographer and chemist, and his former student Dina Gidon Intellectual conversation Singing old miners'' songs for Michael Alpert''s new project
... and Russian revolutionary songs were there, too in the break between recording sessions KlezShul 2005 Michael Alpert Michael Alpert

KlezShul with Michael Alpert, St.Petersburg, Feb.,2005

In February, 2005, The St.Petersburg Jewish Community Center invited a renowned Jewish scholar, musician and dancer Michael Alpert to conduct a workshop for musicians who are involved in the performance of Jewish music. After a successful start of KlezShul in Feb.,2004, this workshop turned out to be a brilliant continuation.
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