Expeditions across Belarus

Selected photos from the expeditions
Got hot bashafn himl mit erd (God Has Created Heaven And Earth), Hoda Yudovin-Zavelev, Vitebsk, 2001
Humorous couplet "Oy ma da bobe Rode..." (Bobruisk, June, 2004) (MP3)
An example of chazzanut-style song "Erev Yom Kiper" performed by Abram-Yankel Berkhifon, ba''al kriya of Radoshkovichi (1915-2002), rec.2001
Est'' yevreyskoye mestechko vozle shtot Bobruysk, a macaronic song performed by Mikhail Akerman, rec. 2002
An excerpt from "Trade of Joseph" ("Mekhiras Yeysef") play, Adam Orlinsky, b.1926, Baranowicz
Oy ikh val nit ganvenen a love song, Sterna Gorodetskaya, rec. in Mogilev, 2008
Endangered Music, The Moscow Times
"Jewish music in Belarus: preserving a dying tradition", Middle Eastern Times
Interview with Dmitri Slepovitch on the expeditions project (Russian, PDF file, 3,4 Mb)
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